DAVIDE SAKURE music producer

Davide Sakure talks about 「LOVE VERSUS HATE (IT’S ME」his next release on SoundCloud

In 「LOVE VERSUS HATE (IT’S ME」 Davide Sakure reviews stressful experiences of the past 12 months. Now he drops the track on SoundCloud.

Singer of the track is the singhalese female newcomer Lakshani Ranaweera.

Davide Sakure speaks clearly about his reason to write this song. “If you are stalked by someone up to the point that this person tries to influence people around you and spread lies about you because your mental health is extremely good, then it does not leave you without a trace. The bad thing is that in my case some lies fell on the fertile soil of some people. Lies sometimes sound really attractive than the truth. Nevertheless, they are lies.

Some people are too lazy to check the the truthfulness of claims or accusations. If a lie fits perfectly in their mindset … it’s inconvenient for them to question things.

I protect my privacy very much, but protecting everything is not possible. I don’t want to have to restrict myself any more. I have people who proactively protect me and my family protects me too.

This time, however, a person was drawn in the things … a person I really like. If a person you like gets unintentionally involved in a stalker affair, it is like the stalker drops the atomic bomb. Because an inexperienced person is vulnerable against the deeds of heavy psychopathic people. I am used to such situations but psychopaths are looking for weak points in your life. In my case they will not find anything.

When stalkers do not find a way to catch you, they look for weak points in the people around you. If they don’t find anything there, they look for weak characters around the people you like.

Exactly that happened in the last months. The person I like has no weak character features but a person around her was weak enough to spread lies about me.

You always need to check accusations in depth. But this person around her was too lazy to do exactly that.

LOVE VERSUS HATE (IT’S ME) describes exactly this situation. I couldn’t find any words, but thank God I have music as an expression.

I have a good advice to people. Always request things. Always.”

「LOVE VERSUS LIES instr. long vers.」will be released on February 2 on Davide Sakure’s SoundCloud.