DAVIDE SAKURE music producer

「SCIENCE」by Davide Sakure to be released in July

The follow-up house music track of MASCHINE will be released in July. 「SCIENCE」 is one of the songs Davide Sakure produced during his corona quarantine.

「SCIENCE」is electronic music, inspired by the work of scientists, especially during the Corona crisis. Davide Sakure says: “In this crisis, many people have realized the significance of scientific research and scientific communication … Of course, like many people, I have followed various press conferences and watched documentaries about the coronavirus, virology etcetera. I think a lot of people just soaked up the informations like a sponge at the very beginning of the coronavirus outbreak. I felt the same way. My track SCIENCE was created under all these impressions.”

The rolling and groovy, very elaborately produced house music bass layers are a special characteristic of「SCIENCE」. That will or will hopefully be well received on the club dance floors as soon as they reopen.

「SCIENCE」will be released as digital single on July 1, 2020. Release is worldwide, music label is Planet Apricot.

Let’s pray that our clubs can reopen soon.