DAVIDE SAKURE music producer

SoundCloud Exclusive: THE UNKNOWN ELEMENT 119


Meanwhile people have some words for what Davide Sakure’s music is like: dark, mysterious, catchy… That’s what we extracted from some mentions on Twitter, DMs on Twitter and Instagram. And that could exactly describe what Davide Sakure’s SoundCloud exclusive release THE UNKNOWN ELEMENT 119 is.

Maybe the track is your soundtrack for sweaty, dancing bodies? For a steaming hot dance floor? In any case, there are quite a number of people who deal with electronic dance music and who really like the track after a first listening impression.

Davide Sakure is now releasing THE UNKNOWN ELEMENT 119 exclusively on Soundcloud on #newmusicfriday June 19, 2020

And as of today, there’s an addition to Davide’s announcement on Twitter and Instagram: on July 24, 2020, Repost Network, the digital distributor of Soundcoud, will also offer this track for streaming and downloading on all major platforms.

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