DAVIDE SAKURE music producer


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Davide Sakure is a keyboardist, composer and music producer. Sakure started his career in 1998 with dance and house music releases under different artist names. By the end of 2019 he started to release tracks as Davide Sakure.

Davide Sakure is member of the collecting society SoundExchange.

Sakure was born in Potsdam, Germany. Currently, Sakure lives and works in Berlin/Germany and Tokyo/Japan. He speaks german, japanese, english and russian.

Own projects

Hobbies, loves and likes

  • water sports, gym once per week
  • watching tv series (primarily comedy or mystery)
  • reading (primarily dystopian stuff)
  • travelling
  • favorite music: mostly electronic music and metal
  • favorite drinks and beverages: espresso, Pocari Sweat (iced!), mineral water, Sapporo beer
  • favorite food: onigiri, omelette rice, misonikomi, ice cream, chocolate