DAVIDE SAKURE music producer
MOST RATED: HOUSE mit Davide Sakure

MOST RATED: HOUSE includes Davide Sakure

Davide Sakure is one of the most rated independent electronic music artists 2020.

Davide Sakure YURAI featured on Beat Match: House Essentials

Davide Sakure’s track YURAI featured on 「BEAT MATCH: HOUSE ESSENTIALS」

A new house music compilation release by House Place Records features Davide Sakure’s track YURAI.

「SCIENCE」by Davide Sakure to be released in July

The follow-up house music track of MASCHINE will be released in July. 「SCIENCE」 is one of the songs Davide Sakure produced during his corona quarantine.

「MASCHINE」 by Davide sakure to be released in May 2020

「MASCHINE」is a new house track by Davide Sakure. It was created during Davide’s time in the Corona Quarantine.

Davide Sakure talks about 「LOVE VERSUS HATE (IT’S ME」his next release on SoundCloud

In 「LOVE VERSUS HATE (IT’S ME」 Davide Sakure reviews stressful experiences of the past 12 months. Now he drops the track on SoundCloud. Singer of the track is the singhalese female newcomer Lakshani Ranaweera.

Davide Sakure‘s「THE CITY IS ON FIRE (2020)」official music video release

Davide Sakure’s vocal electrohouse track THE CITY IS ON FIRE (2020) is out since January 10. Now Sakure releases the official music video.