DAVIDE SAKURE music producer

Official music video announcement for 「YURAI」by Davide Sakure

「Yurai」is a new house music track by Davide Sakure which is gonna be released on January 10, 2020.

House music:「YURAI」single release date decided

A new house music single by Davide Sakure is coming out in January 2020.

Yurai by Davide Sakure

Progressive electronic music: YURAI also available on Bandcamp

Davide Sakure released progressive electronic music today. YURAI is electronic music for the dancefloors.

Yurai by Davide Sakure

Electronic music: Davide Sakure drops YURAI on SoundCloud

Electronic music producer Davide Sakure drops YURAI, an overlong progressive track on SoundCloud.

Bon Voyage by Davide Sakure

Davide Sakure first electronic music solo single BON VOYAGE

BON VOYAGE is Davide Sakure’s first solo single release. The electronic music genre gets another protagonist of the unusual kind.